What You Need to Know About Hunting licenses

You can't go huntin' without a hunting license! If you're new to the sport, it can be somewhat daunting to know what is and what is not allowed. Hunting, like many outdoor sports, requires knowledge of rules and regulations in order to be successful. If you are attempting to hunt in the United States, for instance, there are many things you should know beforehand.  

Hunting Licenses and Tags 

In the United States, hunting is a sport that is enjoyed throughout most of the 50 states. Because of this, hunting is typically regulated state-by-state. Licenses are used as a regulatory or legal mechanism that helps protect national treasures, endangered species, and wildlife parks. In order to ensure that you have the correct hunting license or tag, it is important for you to check with your local Parks and Wildlife Resource center and learn more about what is required in your area.  

The Basics  

All individuals require hunting licensing, but in some states active military servicemen and women may not be required. In addition, some states have different age requirements for children—some may allow children as young as nine years old to hunt while others may require a child to be at least sixteen years of age. If you know that you and the individuals you are planning to hunt with meet basic requirements to initiate the licensing process it is most likely you will have to complete a sportsman education course (This is required in 49 out of the 50 states) , which gives lots of information that is crucial in ensuring the safety out in the field.  

I've Got My Hunting License. What’s Next?  

Once you have completed a required training course in your area, you will then need to proceed onto the next step. Again, this varies state by state, but for most individuals purchasing of a license is next. You will want to ensure that when you purchase the license is good through certain targeted seasons or up to a certain amount of time. If you were required to also purchase a tag, this would be the time to do so to make sure you cover every requirement successfully. It is always wise that prior to going through the procedure of obtaining licensure that you are up-to-speed on what is allowed and what is not. For instance, you will want to know what game is off-limits during certain times of year, and what is “fair game” throughout the entire year. This will help you determine when to purchase your license and for how long.  

Hunting can be an invigorating sport to enjoy with your family, friends, and the beloved bird dog. Making sure to complete the steps and get a hunting license will prevent you from paying out hefty fines (some that range from $50 to $1,500) and facing jail time.  

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