20+ Inspirational Female Hunting Dog Names

The following list will help inspire your search for the perfect female hunting dog names. From badass names to names with mythological origins.

Stuck trying to decide on good female hunting dog names? The following list will help inspire your search. The perfect name for your dog is out there, and with so many options to pick from it just might be on this list. We’ve broken our list up into categories to help you find the right vibe you’re looking for—from bad-ass names to names with epic origins.

Female Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Nature

Your hunting dog is a gift from nature, so why not name her after the beauty of it? After all, it’s basking in nature’s glory where the two of you will spend some of your best days.

Dawn: Get the hunts going at the crack of dawn with this great female hunting dog name. 

Aurora: A uniquely beautiful name inspired by the Aurora Borealis created by Mother Nature herself.

River: Planning to do a lot of waterfowl hunting? Why not name your hunting dog after the rivers she will spend so much time working and playing in.

Lightning: This female hunting dog name is the perfect title for any dog who enters the room like a bolt of lightning—full of energy, electricity, and stunning power.

Badass Female Hunting Dog Names

Annie Oakley: American sharpshooter Annie Oakley was a badass lady any dog would be proud to be named after.

Onyx: Is your dog black or covered in black markings? An onyx is a pretty black gemstone said to offer powerful protection against negative energy.

Jedi: Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Pay tribute to the classic tale by naming your dog Jedi. Jedi technically means “a member of the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars films, trained to guard peace and justice in the universe.”

Odeda: The origin of this unique female name is Hebrew. It means “strong.”

Adira: This pretty name has Hebrew origins and translates to “noble, powerful.”

Dianna: This classic human name is also a great name for female hunting dogs because it means “Goddess of swiftness and beauty.”

Beretta: Name your female hunting dog after an Italian firearms company—it’s fun to say too!

Female Hunting Dog Names with Mythical Roots 

Xena: Name your dog after the classic warrior princess.

Athena: Athena is a goddess from Greek mythology who was known to be good at just about everything—including war strategy.  She was smart, strong, and athletic—just like the best-hunting dogs.

Nyx: In Greek mythology, Nyx is the ‘goddess of night,’ described as a shadowy figure with intriguing beauty. 

Classic Female Hunting Dog Names 

Huntress: The ‘huntress’ beside you is one of a kind.

Trigger: It’s much harder to successfully hunt without a trigger!

Remmy: A cool name that pays tribute to the Remington Arms Company, a US-based leading manufacturer of firearms and ammunition.

Bonnie: Because, after all, a good hunting dog is the Bonnie to your Clyde.

Pretty Female Hunting Dog Names

Ariel: Often associated with the Little Mermaid, the word ‘Ariel’ is really a gazelle found in North Africa and the Middle East. And gazelles are fast AF—just like some of the best hunting dogs.

Laika: This pretty female name doubles as a Russian term used to loosely define several closely linked hunting dog breeds that live in Northern Russia and Russian Siberia.

Anastasia: This Greek-rooted word means “resurrection. One who will be reborn” 

Codee: A pretty name, yes; and one that means “one who helps others.”  

The Most Popular Dog Names

Your female hunting dog is anything but a basic bitch no matter what you name her. But, if you don’t want to name your dog the same name as thousands of other dogs, check out this list of some of the most common female dog names.

  • Hunter
  • Lucy
  • Maggie
  • Sam
  • Molly
  • Bailey
  • Gunner
  • Sadie
  • Belle
  • Bear
  • Dixie
  • Lady
  • Abby
  • Ginger

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