From birds to BB's, what goes up must come down. Owning a hunting dog is a lifestyle full of adventure, but it doesn't come without its own challenges. Here you'll learn from veterinary insights, professional tips, and the latest information to protect your bird dog's health & maintain that Alpha Status.

  • What are the best hunting dog breeds? Comparing dog breeds is sort of like comparing oranges to apples—there’s a good deal of personal preference involved, including the type of hunting you enjoy.

    You must accomplish two things to successfully train a gun shy dog. Learn four tips to train or retrain hunting dogs who are born with or develop a fear of loud noises.

    These hunting survival tools could literally save your life out in the field, or at the very least turn a bad situation into something not so bad.

    These beneficial exercises for hunting dogs encourage greater success out in the field, while helping protect your dog’s long term physical health—a win-win.

    Great vision is a key attribute to becoming a skilled hunter. Proper eyewear will protect your eyes, enhance your ability to spot your target, and increase your marksmanship. Different lens colors can enhance visibility by providing better contrast for hunters. What color of lens should you choose to increase this contrast? This brief guide will help you determine the best fit for you.   Yellow lenses block haze and blue light, which helps increase contrast and depth perception. The brighter yellow the lens, the better for seeing in low contrast...