Looking to Get Involved?

We here at Alpha Dog Nutrition are incredibly excited to offer a great opportunity for you to get involved within our community, & make a pretty penny doing it! We've recently rolled out our affiliate program. After a ton of research on other affiliate programs, we've compiled what we feel are the best practices from a lot of different industries and brought it all together to create this program.

With Alpha Dog Nutrition products, we do a ton of research on different things on the market & try to bring the best parts of them together to bring customers the best possible product for their dogs. We've taken this same mindset into our affiliate program, and after a ton of research on other affiliate programs we've compiled what we feel are the best practices & brought it all together into one incredible program for you!



Lifetime Commissions

Product Up-Sells

Data & Analytics

Most affiliate programs typically only pay out on the first sale you bring to them. After that, they capitalize on your hard work & keep the cash to themselves.

That doesn't quite sit right with us, so we've gone ahead and sourced some software that allows you to keep getting paid well after that first sale. 

In other words, if someone signs up for a subscription to our products using your link or coupon code you're going to keep getting paid every time that product ships out!

We know you worked hard to get the customer here, so we're hard at work optimizing opportunities to maximize the purchase amount - meaning more money in your pocket!

We're utilizing software that makes it possible for a customer to add on to their purchase with just a single click. This has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool, and we will provide insightful information & analytics to you so that you can make sure you are maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns to your audience.

Most companies keep all their data & analytics close to the vest because they don't want people stealing their customers. While this is certainly understandable why they'd want to operate this way, it tends to create a scenario where affiliates are throwing darts after being spun around 3 times & blindfolded.

We are trying to buck that trend. There's no possible way we'd be effective without having solid data to base our decisions on, and we wouldn't expect you to be either. 

We'll do our best to provide you actionable data & methods so that you can continually optimize your campaigns!