Product FAQs


Q: How many capsules should I give my dog each day?

A: You should give your dog one soft gel per day.

Q: My dog keeps spitting out the capsules. Is this normal?

A: In short, yes that is relatively normal. Every dog is different, and many dogs will actually take the capsules without adding them to anything. If your dog has any issues, we highly recommend checking out Greenies Pill Pockets or simply adding it to a piece of hot dog (this is Trigger's personal favorite).

Q: If dogs have a hard time eating them, why not make them chewable like other brands?

A: Excellent question! In order to make an omega 3 chewable, these other brands have to add all sorts of unnecessary (and often unhealthy) binders and fillers. We opted to go a different route, and instead chose a capsule to make them healthier for dogs and much easier to digest.

Q: At what age is it okay to start giving my dog Vitality?

A: Taking Vitality is really more of a case of weight than age. We recommend giving your dog Vitality as long as they are over 25 lbs.